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Project Support

Need some help with your next project?
I can help!


Just purchased EPLAN and you need some help getting it installed and ready for your first project?


I have 30 years of experience designing and building everything from junction panels to beverage manufacturing plants.​

Dwg Conversion

Need an AutoCAD design converted to EPLAN? Need a drawing converted from IEC to NFPA or NFPA to IEC?
I can help.


Don't want to send a team of your best engineers away for a week or more of training, I can come to you.​


Just need a few hours of help getting a problem figured out?
I can help.​​


Tired of building everything from scratch? Looking for libraries of commonly used parts and circuits so that you can complete your projects faster?
I can help.​​

Why Choose Us?


30 years of experience
Projects Large & small.
Experienced in IEC and NFPA designs.
10 Years experience using EPLAN.


My low overhead means that i can offer my services for MUCH less than my competition.
A global pandemic has everyone cutting back, save big now with a rock bottom rate while it lasts

EPLAN Electric

I can train your staff, install and configure the software, build your parts database, create the essential templates and forms that you will need and help your team get your first project completed.

Pro Panel

I can train your staff and create the 3D models that you will need to get your first project completed.

WebEx Support

Need some help in a hurry? I am often available to support your needs in 24 hrs or less. With current video conferenceing technologies, I can easily share screens with your staff to quickly solve your problems.

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We would be happy to hear from you, just give us a call.