Intended Audience: EPLAN P8 Users

EPLAN has many options available when it comes to support, however you may not be thrilled to learn that most do not include a free hour on the phone with a support center expert. That level of support is available but its not usually for free.

The primary means of requesting support from EPLAN comes via their support center. There are several ways to create a support request but the system is based on a first come first served help ticket system. If you are in a hurry, the sooner you can create a ticket, the sooner you will get a reply. you are welcome to send an email to the support line, but it may not be until the end of the day before the busy help desk tech has time to create a ticket for you.. think about it.

Now the bad news.. most questions that you might submit about how to do this or that with EPLAN are turned around and referred to EPLAN Consulting, the support desk may or may not answer your question.


Option 1: EPLAN Help File

From the main menu: Help > Contents

The help system provided with EPLAN is very comprehensive and should always be your first stop for any questions. The trick to using it well is knowing what the key words are and that really only comes when you spend time using it. The topics are broken up into groups on the left side of the page, give it a look.

Eplan maintains three different versions of the help file online for the three most recent versions. Once they get archived you can go to the download center for older versions and download a version specific copy of the help files.


Option 2: Online Support Request direct from within EPLAN

Fill out your customer info in advance: Settings > Options > User > Display > User Code/address

You can create a support ticket directly from within EPLAN, use the following menu:

Help > Create EPLAN Support Request

Fill out the various forms directly and submit your request.

You will receive updates via email and you can log into the help desk and check your ticket status at anytime.


Option 3: Call EPLAN Support at 888-EPLAN68

Works great most of the time, however the call will simply result in a ticket getting filled out and the tech will then call you back later when its your turn to answer your question.


Option 4: Send an email to EPLAN Support:

I have been told by the help desk manager that this will result in the slowest response. Emails pile up in the inbox of the help desk until the tech has a moment to read them. They will create a support ticket and the tech will call you back when its your turn to answer your question.


Option 5: EPLAN Website:

The EPLAN USA Website has a support area that will go a long way towards meeting your needs:

EPLAN Solution Center

Support Ticket Center: This is the same website that you may have used earlier to create a support ticket from within EPLAN

Knowledge Articles: This area publishes old support requests so that if the request has already been made by someone else, you can benefit by reading the solution that was offered to them.


Option 6: EPLAN Download Manager

This is where you might want to go if you want to see if you have the latest release or hotfix (patch) installed. To access,  try using Help > EPLAN Download Manager to see a list of available updates for your software version.




This is an online community hosted by EPLAN where EPLAN users go to search for questions that others have had or to post questions that they have. a few EPLAN consultants do stop by a few times a week to answer questions as do other users.

Option 8: EPLAN Download Center

This is an online support area when users should go when they want to download something that it outside of a typical release. Archived versions of EPLAN can be found here.



Option 9: EPLAN Quick Start website

A great place to start looking for any questions that you might have about getting EPLAN installed and working, remember to select the version of EPLAN that you have questions about.

EPLAN Quick Start


Option 10: 

German CAD portal with a robust EPLAN community. Load the page in google chrome and let it translate the pages for you. Some of the folks in this forum have been using EPLAN since the late 80’s.

A great resource for more advanced users.

Link to website


Option 11: EPLAN Consultants

EPLAN Applications engineers are available by the hour, by the day or by the project to help support your needs. EPLAN USA has several consultants on staff and there are independent consultants available as well. Most of the independent EPLAN consultants that I know of are also former employees and everyone seems to have different areas of expertise. If you have any questions, just send me an email or give me a call.