Creating a Custom Menu

Creating a custom menu with icons is easy with EPLAN; if you find yourself digging deep into the standard drop down menus to access frequently used commands you might consider creating a custom menu to simplify your life. Here is an example of how to make a custom menu for a connection definition placement (CDP) or what we call a wire tag or label here in the USA.

Go find a nice collection of 16×16 icons on the internet, (.bmp or .jpg) and save them in your master data image folder or any place that you like.

Create a custom toolbar for saving this new menu icon or add it to an existing menu; I would recommend in most cases just creating a custom menu.
Right click anywhere in the menu header or footer area and select customize from the right click menu
Select the Commands tab

Select Menu from the Categories list, and scroll in the buttons list until you find the desired command
If you did not already notice, the Buttons list displays the exact menu path that you navigate when using the normal drop down menus

In this particular case we are looking for : Project Data > Connections > Numbering > Place
Select this command in the Buttons window and select it with your left mouse button, hold that button and drag it to your toolbar

The “set button” dialog will appear, chose one of those nice 16×16 icons that you downloaded in step 1 and apply it as the “image file”. Eplan will place a small eplan logo by default but once you have more than a few of those its hard to remember what the buttons do which defeats the purpose.
(In the case of a categories: “Action” EPLAN will also allow for you to enter a tool tip.)

Give your new menu a try, add some more..

Custom menus must be saved in a workspace or they will vanish, they can also be “exported” which saves them outside the current project

To delete custom menu element from a menu, have the custom menu editor open and simply drag the icon off the menu and drop it anywhere on the screen that is outside the perimeter of the menu.

The settings for the placement command are found in the project settings:
Projects > [Project Name] > Connections > Connection Numbering > Placement
Two popular options here are: Symbol 308/CDP (the slash) or Symbol 311/CDPNG (no graphic)

If you find that when you manually place these symbols EPLAN wants to place the wrong symbol you can easily change this:
When placing a symbol hit the [backspace] key on your keyboard
Select the desired symbol
[OK] to confirm
EPLAN will now use the new symbol by default

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