EPLAN Parts Management Properties Identification

Many customers that I come in contact with often have questions about what data goes where in the Master Parts Manager (Parts Database) as it can be a little confusing.

Probably the #1 mistake customers are making is using the “Part Number” field for their in-house part number. This works, but there is a dedicated field for that and its named the “ERP Part Number”. Things start to get messy when you begin to download parts from the data portal and the number systems do not match. the “Part Number” field is really for the Data Portal part numbers.

Another VERY confusing field is the graphical macro field, this is actually used for the 3D Pro panel macros and NOT for the 2D macros. The proper field for the 2D macros can be found over on the technical tab and its just named “Macro”. For users in non English countries I would be very interested to learn what those fields are named and if they make more sense in your language.

This document is part of a power point document that I use during basic training classes and you are welcome to it. If you find it useful PLEASE send me an email with any comments that you may have, even good ones. If you just want to say thank you, that would be fine too, i would definitely appreciate it.

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