EPLAN SQL Express Connection Error

Are you having a problem connecting to your SQL express server (local)? When I mention local I mean to say that I have installed SQL Express on my local PC and I am using it as a standalone SQL server to support my EPLAN needs.

From time to time when I launch EPLAN and try to open my parts manager, I may be greeted with a connection error dialog that informs me that a connection to the SQL server could not be established. When usually happens when I launch EPLAN for the first time that particular day. To be honest I have no idea what is causing this error, but I will be happy to show you how I fix it.

EPLAN SQL Connection Error

To fix this we just need to restart the server instance, to do this we need to search for and open the windows services manager.

We can find the services manager in a few ways, two of which that I will discuss.

Method 1
If you have windows 10, simply look for the Cortana search tool and enter “Services”. Select the services desktop application from the search results to launch the application.

Method 2
Right click on the windows start menu and look for the system menu.
Type “services” into the “Find a setting” search box and select “view local services” from the results window.

Either way you should end up looking at the dialog below:


Scroll down the list of services and look for : SQL SERVER (EPLAN)

Right click on the name of the service in the list and select RESTART from the sub menu.

Close the services dialog

I then like to close the EPLAN application if I had it running and restart it, when I bring it back up I can now connect to my SQL server and use my parts manager.

Now get back to work!

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