Hidden Parts

Just a quick little post here today.

I am creating a new parts library for a customer which often requires a lot of editing of parts properties in the parts manager database. I started to have a problem this morning where parts that I was confident that should be in the database could not be found with a direct search. After several attempts to find the parts I decided to just recreate the part assuming that it was deleted. Upon entering the ERP number for the new part, EPLAN threw a warning that the part already existed. That was my ah-ha moment and I knew what to do, I needed to update the search index of my parts database.

Apparently, the Parts Manager has a search index that references the part instances in the parts database so that you can find the parts quickly. Occasionally it appears that the search index can get out of synch with the parts database and the result is parts that appear to be hidden.

To resolve this EPLAN provides a tool that will manually update the search index to synchronize it with the data in the parts database. Of course, EPLAN should manage this automatically which it usually does, but when you are moving a lot of data around creating new parts, errors can occur.

 To resolve this issue:

  • Open your parts manager
  • Find the Extras Button on the lower right of the dialog
  • Select the menu to reveal your options
  • Select “Update Search Index” from the menu
  • Return to normal operation

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