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An EPLAN user recently posted a question on the forum that i thought that I would answer here as the response will be rather long and require several graphics.


I have a large project with approximately 200 pages with a structure something like this:




+ (A.Panel_1)

+ (A.Panel_2)

+ (B.Panel_1)


+ (A.Panel_3)

+ (A.Panel_4)

+ (B.Panel_2)

I would like to generate a table of contents for the whole project under the = level.

From <>


So I made a quick demo project to see if I could walk you through this..I changed mine slightly because I did not fully understand yours, they should be functionally similar.

When I first create the project I add the TOC form to the template and generate the reports, when I do EPLAN places the report at the bottom of the page navigator, this is largely controlled in the report template settings which we can see here: Utilities > Report >Generate

Select the report in the list and the settings will be in the right window, Start page of report block defines the starting page..I have:  ===+++/1 which if I think about my structure elements for a moment looks right.

However my TOC report page is located at the bottom of the navigator and I want it at the top. This is controlled by the structure identifier manager settings:

Project Data > Structure identifier management > Functional assignment

I select the [==] Functional Assignment icon to set the view in the right window. In (row 2) I see that pages with an empty identifier will be placed below all others, I think I want to move them to the top of the page navigator so I will move the empty identifier setting in row 2 to row 1.

I now generate the reports again and the TOC has moved to the top

This is where most designers will want it but you specifically requested it be placed in the HLF =AREA.

I will need to edit the report settings again: Utilities > Report >Generate > TOC >1

I will also need to edit the “Start page of the report block”


That should do it..

Are you sure that you really need a structure that has that many levels?

Is this something that you have used before and you know that it meets your needs?

I have worked in some very large auto plants that document the assembly line with only 3 structure elements..just saying..


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