Problems when renaming an EPLAN project

EPLAN is typically a VERY stable design tool but occasionally it will do something unexpected.

Problems when renaming an EPLAN project

Probably the most common situation that I encounter (3-4 times a year) is a problem when renaming a project file. When this happens EPLAN will put up some very scary warnings that suggest that the project that you just renamed does not exist or cannot be found!

System Message Info:

Unable to open the project. Open Project (S247027)

On further inspection of the project database file (.edb) you will now get really nervous when you come to realize that the main project folder is essentially empty! There should be a lot more files in that folder!

What Happened?

During the renaming process it appears that EPLAN made a copy of your project file (.edb) with the new project name BUT it did not create a new link file (.elk) for the new project and it nearly emptied the old project file (edb).


Why did this happen?

Sorry..I do not know the exact reason but you probably have a “special character” used in the name of your project.


Please do not use special characters in filename e.g. (Project names)

~ # % & * { } \ : < > ? / | “


Not to worry your project files are still there but for the moment EPLAN can not tell where they are.


How do I fix this?

Make a copy of the old project link (.elk) file

Rename this file (.elk) to match the name of the new project file (edb)

Open the (.elk) file with a text editor

Edit the first line of this file to match the new project name. This is the pointer to the project database.

Save and close the file

Open the new project with EPLAN.

Make a backup!



I strongly suggest that you try to open the project file from inside EPLAN rather than double mouse clicking on the file, double clicking on the elk file MAY give you what you want but it may not.

For users with multiple versions of EPLAN installed concurrently this is a must! I have 4 or 5 different editions of EPLAN installed for various customer and as luck would have it the version that Windows considers the default version IS THE LAST ONE THAT YOU INSTALLED. In my case its EPLAN V2.3 so thats going to causes errors if I just double click on a elk file, to avoid this problem I simply open the file from inside EPLAN.

Have Fun!

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