Our Rates

I have posted our rates for our typical customers.

Most customers will require a mix of several services so I reserve the right to adjust these rates depending on the needs of each customer.

After discussing your exact needs, a formal written quote will be provided with your exact rate. 


Per Hour

Coronavirus Special Rates!


Per Hour

Frequently asked questions

Let me state the obvious, the Coronavirus has disrupted the world economy and my phone is not ringing as often as I would like, maybe lowering my rates will help get it ringing again. 

Stay healthy & wealthy!


A large project with weeks of work will help get you a lower rate. Small projects that are only a few hours long get a higher rate. Projects that have me sleeping in a hotel far away from home cost a bit more still.

Most of my customers do, so the rates are provided to give you an idea what the services will cost, I will get out my slide rule and send you a fixed rate quote to finalize the agreement.

Maybe.. just ask, you never know.

For now I would prefer if my clients reside in North America but I do have a few in Germany from well known companies.

Timbuktu..Wow..that place has some cool architecture!

That varies from week to week, just give me a call to discuss your needs.

I like to get paid when I work just like everyone does. I prefer terms of Net 15 and may accept Net 30 for larger companies and larger projects. Your terms will be clearly stated in my quote when requested. 

Need some help?

We would be happy to hear from you, just give us a call.