Removing or Showing Device Tag Symbols

This article describes how to get rid of or add the preceding symbol or the little dash or minus symbol (-) that precedes the Device Tag in EPLAN.

DTs with & without preceding signs


Method 1: Set this up when you create your project

Options > Settings > Projects > [Project Name] > Devices > DT

Uncheck  any device classes that you do not want to have the preceding sign displayed for.

Alternatively if you want EPLAN to add this symbol when you place these parts, check the selection boxes.


Set Preceding Sign


Method 2: Delete them using the find tool

In this case you have already placed many DTs and upon review your manager has just asked you to get rid of them.. oh crap! Not to worry, you can delete them using the EPLAN Find tool.

Make a backup of your project first and work from your backup

Open the Find tool

Set the search in field to only include DT, select the apply to entire project setting, leave the find what entry blank

Click [OK] to execute

Review the search results and sort them by property

Find the “Name (visible)” property values

Select a few of them and then rt click and select the “Replace” menu

Set the “find what:” property to: “-” and the replace property with blank

Check to confirm that it worked as you expected, then go back and edit the rest.

What are these symbols and where do they come from? They are actually the product aspect identifier as defined in ISO 81346.

Please read my article about the ISO 81346 standard if you would like to learn more about this standard.


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