SQL Parts Database Backup

So.. you have now completed several EPLAN projects which could include spending many man hours building up your parts database and linking to external documents and macros. You have carefully made backups of all your projects but have you ever considered making a backup of the parts manager or translation database? Probably not!

For EPLAN users in small companies you may be using SQL express for which there is no built in automatic agent for making backups, so most backups must be done manually. Even if you are working on a larger design team and you are using SQL server, do you know that your data is automatically backed up? Do you ever need to work with customers who are still using old editions of EPLAN? Do you need to maintain more than one database? Are you making back ups before you upgrade to a new version of EPLAN? There are all good reasons to consider making backups.

There is a method to automate backups in SQL Express using scripts which I will not discuss in detail, but if you wish to learn more about it, have a look at this link:

Today I needed to make a backup of my master parts database and I wanted to keep an old version in V26 and create a new version in V27. This required that I create a backup of my V26 db and then restore it and rename it as the now V27 db. I found a video on you tube that worked great for me, so I thought that I would share the link with you. I used it with my installation of SQL Express 2014 and it worked great. Make a back up first!

YouTube Video: SQL Server 2012 – How To Backup and Restore







Although this video is very good, the author does skip over a few areas where you might run into some issues.

  1. Make certain that you open the SQL Server Studio Manager as administrator
  2. Open the Object Explorer if needed so that you can see the Object Explorer: View > Object Explorer OR use the [F8] key on your keyboard
  3. Expand the “Databases” folder icon to reveal the available databases.
  4. Select the desired database icon and then right click to access the > Tasks > Back Up menu. If you cannot access this sub menu you do not have the required permissions, go back to step 1.


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